August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene – Never too late to Backup

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Growing up I knew a wonderfully warm woman named Irene. She was the mother of one of my good friends and was the only adult – other than my aunts and uncles – who I called by her first name. She always had cookies and a glass of milk waiting on those days when we had play dates and would make the best mac & cheese around (using real cheddar I later learned was her secret).

As I write this post there is an extremely large storm charging for the eastern coast of the United States. If weather predictions are at all accurate, it will be a devastating storm that stretches all the way up to Maine and into Canada before fully dying down. In a strange twist for me, she has been named ‘Irene’. Realizing the irony must not exist for everyone, it did make me stop and think a bit.

Given that we are a company that focuses on security through backing up one’s precious digital possessions (business documents, pictures of family vacations or first steps), we wanted to extend a helping hand all those who might soon to be in harms way and to the rest of us who never know when harms way may be coming.

Signup with SpiderOak now using the promotion code ‘hurricanesafe’ and we will give you 5 GBs of free storage for life (as opposed to our regular 2 free GBs) and a 30% discount off all yearly paid storage plans.

In closing, it is never too late to ensure you are digital possessions are safe and secure. And for those of you who are in Irene’s path, I hope she decides to stay out at sea so we can all enjoy some milk and cookies.

Best of luck to those who have been and might be effected – we will be thinking of you.

  1. You can simply go to the web login, and under your account, you can upgrade your plan and enter the above promo code. You should be all set! :-)

  2. Upgrade worked! Many thanks!!!
    Windows client now never connects. Thanks for checking on this.

  3. entered 'hurricanesafe' on billing page's promocode but still 2 gb. it wants $$ commitment. tried on 8/28. :(

  4. success! entered code in promo then selected 'monthly' and pressed the next-page at bottom. thanks, spider oak!

  5. You guys are awesome, I thought I would be too late for the party, but it still works. I think you are great and you ought to market yourself a bit more ;)

  6. Timely and appreciated promo (still works as of 9/19, btw). I agree with Roberts that you guys ought to market yourselves a little harder! Great service :-)

  7. Great! It still works – just go to Account->Billing from Spideroak app icon, enter "hurricanesafe", click UPDATE, and will be able to selct upgrade to free 5GB plan!

  8. The promotional code still works, but I haven't got 2 GB more for my referral.
    Can you please explain it?