August 2, 2011

Happy WiFi day! 8.02.11, the most exclusive holiday ever!

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WiFi Logo. Image credit: IEEE

(Image Credit: IEEE)

Your birthday comes around once every year, Halley’s comet passes once every 75 years, but WiFi day still takes the cake as the most exclusive holiday. Happening only once on this fine day of August 2nd of 2011 and thus cementing it’s position as the ruler of all holidays.

Due to the unfortunate following of ISO 8601 among other things, this wonderful day has slipped right by Hallmark and never found it’s rightful place in the calendar.

We at SpiderOak would however like to tip our hat to this this cornerstone of modern civilization and ask you the user to tell us: “What’s the most memorable, fun or strange wireless network SSID (Network name) you have ever seen in your hunt for network access?”

Post your contribution and email or SpiderOak username in the comment section and we will pick a comment at random to receive an extra 10GB of storage, as our way of tipping our hat to our dear friend 8.02.11, prince of wireless standards.

  1. I know someone who's network is like "Lee Summit Police" to try to keep others from connecting. Another guy who's network is just named "virus" but the network is fine. But if you see the networ "Free Public Wifi" like in an airport etc it really _IS_ a virus.

  2. linkyss (Were they being funny, or did they think it had to be named linksys, but spelled it wrong? Regardless, this is what I name all my networks now)

    a hidden SSID: ucntseeme

  3. I like "secure" with no security. . . It probably scares enough people off.

    (user bjcubsfan)

  4. The funniest ones that I've ever seen are always around my girlfriend's apartment. Its gotta be a tie between "narnia" whose password was wardrobe, "redheadedstepchild", or "CANTSETPASSBUTIFYOUJOINIKILLYOU"

  5. my favorite was a passive-aggressive jab at some annoying neighbors. Network name was something like "your_dog_poops_on_our_lawn_one_more_time_and_hes_dead"

  6. Right now I can see one called "tossoff" – and its only using WEP, so really its *asking* to be hacked…

  7. Uh, it happens every 100 years, also it happens on different days depending on what country you are in (August in the US, February elsewhere).

  8. "nigganet! (no whities!)." That one made me raise an eyebrow. Just to note: this neighborhood is very diverse and I can assure you no harm was intended by the kid down the street who put it there.

  9. For the longest time, there was an unsecured AirPort network with default SSID visible to me.

    Then one day, it disappeared. In its place, SECUREYOURAIRPORTNETWORKPLEASE appeared.

  10. 'Searching …" – when people see this, they think their device is still looking for a network.

  11. Neighbors house:kellyfarted Neighbors name:Kelly We asked her about it and her response was my husband is such an asshole.

  12. vapor net.. was mooching off another linksys router using dd-wrt as a repeter back in college days.

  13. "Your Computer has Aids" and " Shut up your fucking Dog 4J"… the 4J being an apartment number

  14. Best one i think i've ever seen is "Jesus is Watching You". Although "b(.)(.)bs" and "$5.95_Per_Min" are very good also.

  15. I almost forgot about one that had a hidden SSID and a hex addr. of all zeros that was a some type of passive repeater for Sears service trucks.

  16. Sitting on the Chicago El one day, I picked up a signal from a nearby apartment: "bag of assholes". Made me literally LOL.

  17. There's one that accessible from my parents' house that used to be called "a_pimp_named_silky_suggs." They recently changed it to "ASexyPimpNamedSilkySuggs." I guess the owner had a recent ego boost.