August 1, 2011

Subdue the blue – It’s up to you

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There was a day when all was blue
My computer seemed to catch a nasty flu
Unsure of what would then transpire
My situation was oh so dire

What of my pictures from days gone by
Birthdays, anniversaries, picnics in July
Or music collected over the years
Oh gee – oh golly – and now the tears

The documents from work there too
And my old college paper – Philosophy 202
Letters to the crushes I once had
Then some special ones to dear old dad

How could this have happened and oh so quick
It seems like some terrible cruel trick
In just a brief moment all can be gone
And now left with so little – oye… anon…

But wait – indeed – for what yonder light breaks
It is as if an epiphany did suddenly awake
I remember I remember I took steps long ago
To ensure my digital life I did forever bestow

A place for all my possessions to safely reside
Far far from harm and away from the tide
I did indeed find everything safe and sound
Amazing the glory that it can all be found

So what is the moral of this little tale you say
Be weary that something bad may befall someday
It could be an illness, a thief, or a trip
But always remember this cute little tip

Take measures ahead to backup what you’ve got
And sadness or pain you will surely feel not
Regardless of service – there are many to choose
Just use one and you can never lose…

  1. So I put it all on SpiderOak
    Until that day my computer broke
    No Problem I think, then what a bore
    There is no easy way to restore

    Computer freezes, 100% cpu
    It seems there’s nothing I can do
    3 months with SpiderOak have caused such grief
    And now there is still no relief

    Before SO I used Syncplicity
    Install, restore, phew such simplicity
    300 dollars it cost me to see
    SpiderOak won’t work for me

    How nice the boss can write in rhyme
    So cool that he can find the time
    The forums have no flowing prose
    But frustration and anger which grows and grows

    I’m done with SO, I gave it a shot
    I wanted good software
    That’s not what I got

  2. Sorry SO, but I really have to laugh out loudly :-).
    SpiderOak has so many issues and problems, some of them are small and some are quite the end of days. Please, don't missunedstand me, I like SO and I use it, but SO as a product AND as a company needs much improvement.
    So, don't write poems, but work on the ShareRoom-update-issue, which isn't fixed completely, enliven the forum and make SO constantly good, not only for some days. It happens so often that something does not work properly. For me, my share rooms don't work well and update correctly AND today SO is disconnected!!!
    The best thing you can start with, use this BLOG for important announcements, what works correctly and what are known issues or what is worked on, and NOT for poems!!!!!!!!

  3. @ Simon: As it relates to your poem, that is quite good. Pertaining to your stated problems, we do greatly apologize that you have experienced this trouble. I know the team is looking further into what might have been the particular issue with your installation and someone will get back to you shortly with additional information.

  4. @Simon: Hello – I've just looked up your account. It looks like 2 of your 3 machines are running an older version of SpiderOak where we did indeed fix a bug that would, in rare cases, cause 100% CPU use for a long time during restore. I see your most recent support request to SpiderOak seemed to be answered satisfactorily. There's another ticket a couple weeks before that one, where we appear to have dropped the ball in getting back to you. Our fault. :( In any case, I've sent you a personal email so we can discuss there and get you taken care of. I suspect upgrading is all that's needed, but whatever it is, we'll work it out.

  5. @ Paul: If I can ask, can you please send an email to our Support ( detailing the problems you have encountered – especially the ShareRoom update issue you mention. We will start working on resolutions as soon as we have this additional information. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

  6. Ethan, I was going to tease you about your poem, but after 30 minutes this was the best I could do:

    There once was a lady named Fay
    Whose laptop got dropped in the bay
    But she’s still all smiles
    Because she backed up her files
    And SpiderOak helped save the day!

  7. @Not a Poet, nice limerick! I prefer Haiku:

    Upgrade my hard drive
    Get configs off SpiderOak
    Ahh, back to normal

  8. I like your poem [ it is yours ? ] what is the license ? Will it be reasonable to expect some more in future :) at least once a year. Thanks for sharing!