July 29, 2011

The ‘Dog’ Post

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I was told by the team that I could only write one blogpost about the fuzzy creature that sits beside me at the moment. So – here is my one and only post about my dog.

The first topic I would like to discuss are the two circular protrusions which dangle from below his tail. Yes – his manhood. As a new dog owner, I have heard hundreds of opinions about the right time to schedule the simple procedure to remove them. It would appear the consensus is somewhere between 6 and 18 months. And whereas they do cause quite a stir and always are at the center of conversation when he prances by, I still have no clue what to do.

Many have said that if he is still able to play with others without projecting his scent into the mix then he should be able to keep them for as long as he likes. After all, one could make a good argument that the testosterone produced is good for overall development and mass. For reference – the little guy is 10.5 months now and still gentle and sweet-as-can-be so I guess we will keep plowing along.

Curious to hear your additional thoughts if you would like to share?

The second topic speaks to a wholly different topic. By my place there is a wonderful hill with an amazing view of downtown. Dogs are able to wander freely. And given the dog-friendly nature of San Francisco, this haven is quite well and frequently visited by canines and humans alike.

I can tell you as a first time dog person that the worst element associated with having a dog in the city is bending over with that little plastic bag, forming an open crane-type position, and then tightening the wrist muscles causing the hand to clench and extract the excrement from the earth. I must tell you – this STINKS. However, it is an extremely necessary function for if this didn’t happen in the dense cities we have created today then we would all be stepping on some sort of shit all the time.

Now to my point – I am constantly impressed at the communal effort and responsibility taken by all to ensure we don’t spend each day with our heads down leaping and dodging like frogger. After all, it would be relatively easy to simply look the other way when that ‘squat’ appears and pretend like you don’t see it (or smell it). And at night when no one is around, little is keeping you from partaking in that night cap (or crap). Yet – as a citizen who now falls into the category of ‘dog owner’, I do feel the responsibility to ensure that the world has less shit in it then when before I accepted this role.

So to all those pooper-picker-uppers out there, I appreciate the comment on the larger society you are making every time you bend down by proving that social responsibility does exist and is in fine form. Thank you.

  1. @ Gary – He is a Weimaraner / Vizsla mix. Just under 50 pounds now and will hopefully not get too much bigger. As you can imagine, he is pretty active and keeps me moving and in shape.

  2. Interesting! never though about this side of keeping a dog as is obvious never had dog. So now what we have for today or is it day off?