July 27, 2011

7 Posts –> 7 Days

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I have decided to write 7 blog posts over the course of 7 days. Why? When asked why we climb mountains the answer always echos back ‘because they are there’. Similarly – I would like to see if it can be done and in which way it will be accomplished.

Leading up to this decision, many potential topics have come to mind. Others have been uncovered over the course of conversation and national spotlight. So now the problem exists as to which one should be the first…

The US seems to find itself in a place it has never been before – a week away from defaulting on its responsibilities. Wherever one might fall in this conversation politically, it seems everyone is to blame. From not getting into the fight soon enough to placating a very small minority to a complete and utter misunderstanding of what is being done, this debate about who and what and when will ultimately have long lasting and devastating effects. Is it the lack of responsibility our generation accepts? Or the advancement of an American ideal run so far down the line that the original principles have been fully lost in translation?

Ultimately, it is the rigidity of a few that will take down the many. Radical thought and projection seems always to be the root cause as history has proven time and time again. This country – the founding fathers – believed there to be a truth existing in a middle; however, through a lack of commitment/historical perspective, we find our old friend staring us back in the face. I suppose as humans it is just inevitable.

In 7 days we will know the outcome. And unlike the last day of a mountain adventure, may I be writing my final post about something other than descent.

  1. There was so much dancing around the issue in there that I think maybe you should consider entering a professional waltz competition. :P

  2. This isn't the first time the US has been in this position. The US defaulted in 1790, 1933, and briefly in 1979. I've found a little research to be infinitely more valuable than cable news – especially when it comes to actually stating facts.

    This too shall pass.

  3. @ Joe: I do hope cooler heads will ultimately prevail and we can put this behind us. And to your research – the cable news certainly doesn't mention anything about a previous default and 1979 wasn't that long ago.

  4. I'm imagining debt collectors calling the White House and Congress next week. I wonder what low-ball tactics they will use? Obviously shame doesn't work.

  5. So this US default is nothing new, glad to hear that with three times experience nothing to worry. We still have some thing new much more enjoyable – a fresh blog every day even if it is for only one week! Next time go for full one month ;).