April 13, 2011

And The Winners Are…

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For many months now we have thought about creating new T-shirts for the company. In our ongoing efforts to make SpiderOak a pleasant experience for you, we simply never had the time to come up with a design ourselves; therefore, we called on the community for help.

Choosing a winner was an extremely difficult task considering the high caliber of creative people that participated. Thank you for all the support and contribution! We hope to start production of the winning design soon.

The winner of the SpiderOak T-shirt contest will not only get a free T-shirt but also received a FREE 100 GB upgrade and $100. The runner-up receives a T-shirt and 30 additional FREE GBs and $50. The third place runner-up receives 20 additional FREE GBs and $20. And the fourth runner-up receives 10 additional FREE GBs and $10.

And with no further ado… The 4 winning t-shirt designs are as follows:

Grand prize winner goes to Michael Menanno!

Second prize winner goes to Rubén Gómez Pérez!

Third prize winner goes to Daniel Peterson!

Fourth prize winner goes to Alexander M!

Thanks again for all your submissions, and stay tuned for more contests in the future!

  1. You may want to remove the outline from the submission which won first place, it really mutes the colors (at least at this size).