March 28, 2011

Reddit, World Backup Day, SpiderOak, March 31st and the power of Social Media

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It started as a single thread from the user adamjeff on the well known forum/news site (here). Over the next few days through reddit’s messaging system, email, twitter, facebook and word of mouth, the ‘idea’ behind World Backup Day was born.

The thread received over 2,500 ‘up-votes’ and over 1,000 comments. Users wanted to discuss the idea as a group – wondering what date should be ‘the day’ and what it should be called. The following day a few users – lead by user zoomacrymosby – were hard at work. User norunomu was designing both the website and logo, the domain was registered, and everybody was scrambling to get the information site up.

As an avid redditor and with a vested interest in online backup, I reached out to Ismail (the person behind username zoomacrymosby) asking what I could do to help go live as soon as possible and/or if we at SpiderOak could offer the users some specials to further draw attention to the site and reinforce the importance of backing up / syncing / sharing / accessing pictures, music, movies, documents.

Over one weekend everything came together. With the website designed, content created, and hosting established, the site was live. The word was already starting to spread through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc…

On the morning of Monday the 28th, 100s of tweets were being sent out about #worldbackupday, the Facebook page and website were receiving 1.000s of visitors and mainstream media had picked up on the ‘news’ that there was to be a day for backup awareness, and that day was to be March 31st.

With 3-days left until the actual event I can of course only speculate on the final effect and reach of the World Backup Day initiative; however and if the early reactions are any indication, I think that a few seemingly random community members with virtually no budget* may through the help of social media, ingenuity, and drive have created one of the first spontaneous ‘yearly events’ I have ever witnessed.

And that’s pretty damn cool!

*Disclosure. SpiderOak provided the funds needed to host the world backup day website and provides increased data storage to visitors of free of charge. World Backup Day remains an impartial website aimed at spreading awareness and information regarding data backup.

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