March 2, 2011

Create a SpiderOak T-Shirt and Get Money and a FREE 100GB Account!

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Calling all creative minds! We at SpiderOak are looking for your help. For many months now we have thought about creating new T-shirts for the company.

And in our constant efforts to make SpiderOak a pleasant experience for you, we unfortunately don’t have the time to come up with a design ourselves.
This is where you come in.

We’d like for you to take the month of March to come up with the best original idea you can think of. Now – we are not talking your fraternity’s or
sorority’s logo or a photo of your new puppy (although we are sure he/she is cute). We’re talking an idea so amazing that we stop coding our next
version of SpiderOak for a day just to admire your work!

Creativity is king and we strongly encourage you to let your imagination run wild. Feel free to use any method you’d like. Are you an artist? Are you a
master at Photoshop or MS Paint? Whatever you would like to use is up to you! It is important to note that this must be your original work but feel
free of course to use our logo.

The winner of the SpiderOak T-shirt contest will not only get a free T-shirt (once we make them), but will also get a FREE 100 GB upgrade and $100. The
runner-up will also get a T-shirt and 30 additional FREE GBs and $50. The third place runner-up will receive 20 additional FREE GBs and $20. And the
fourth runner-up will receive 10 additional FREE GBs and $10. The SpiderOak team will go over each submission for a week and choose the best design and
you will be notified.

You have the month of March to work on the project. We expect all submissions to be in by midnight, March 31. You can submit all works to in JPEG, PDF, AI, PNG, or even GIF.

To ensure that this contest brings out all possible creative minds, we encourage you to share this contest amongst your friends and family via Twitter,
Facebook, word of mouth, billboards in your yard, or any other form of communication you’d like to use.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to alter winning entries to reduce color or complexity for the purpose of printing.

  1. How interesting. Is this in any way restricted to the US people? Can I participate from Spain?

  2. This is cool… But i dont get the idea… What theme do you need? I mean is there a theme we should be looking for?

  3. Kearra, that is a good question. You can be as creative as you wish! Of course, the underlying theme is SpiderOak. Green grass, our logo, clouds… or you can "branch" out into something else. Have fun with it!

    Thanks for sending this in and I hope to see your work!

  4. Thanks Kearra and Greg! I have contacted the four winners via email. I will be providing pictures soon. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks Kearra and Greg! I have contacted the four winners via email. I will be providing pictures soon. Thanks again!