September 28, 2010

Looking to hack on Android?

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Hello everyone,

It’s been getting kind of hectic around here as we expand out in MobileSpace, and we’re looking for someone who can take lead on Android and/or BlackBerry development at SpiderOak. If you’re capable of programming for Android and/or BlackBerry, and excited about SpiderOak, please send me a cover letter (no more than a page, please) covering:

  • Something about yourself, technical and non-technical
  • Where you think mobile platforms will be going in the next 5-10 years
  • Where you think SpiderOak can fit in with your above Future Vision of Mobile
  • Where you think you can fit in with SpiderOak

If I like your cover letter, I’ll be sending you a sample task to complete as a test of development ability.

SpiderOak is an all-telecommute company, with a team scattered across North America and Europe.

We’ve found great hackers often have an unpolished resume. As such, we don’t care about formal education, age, gender, geographic location, resume, etc. We just want to know you love programming and are a skillful programmer and communicator.

If interested, you can email me at Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

  1. By the way, the reason we're looking for someone to help with mobile, is that Matt himself is transitioning to more core SpiderOak work, where his background in high performance and scientific computing is well leveraged.

  2. So does this mean that an Android client release is waiting for this hire and then a chunk of development time?

  3. @Thomas:

    Nope! The Android client is just almost out of beta. We're looking for someone to give me a hand for future development, so future work doesn't take nearly as long.

  4. Does anyone know who to get actual customer support from Solid Oak? I have been emailing but my specific questions are ignored and I just receive generic replies and what they say to do DOESN'T WORK. This has been going on for weeks. There is also no answer at their phone number.