September 24, 2010

Mac OS X cats VS. The Linux animals – The Aftermath..

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I just want to start off by thanking our fantastic blog audience and customers for all the fun answers, good time banter, support and link-love our recent ‘Who would win in a struggle between all the Mac OS X cats and all the Linux animals?’ post resulted in. You guys sure know how rally around something you find amusing!

Our original idea was just see if we could possibly get 10 people to name a few animals, maybe comment on our little artwork and hand out a few GB of free storage to a few users. Something that turned into over 10.000 hits, 60+ comments and our image and following desktop-wallpaper pack being syndicated to several major blogs and wallpaper websites.

Since Wednesday I have been trying to figure out what to do to reward all you wonderful people who contributed and I think (I hope no one gets upset by this sudden change of rules) since our contest rules were vague to say the least and very few actually got 100% on the naming, order etc. (if we want to be picky) this is what we are going to do.

ANYONE who at the arbitrary time of midnightish between Thursday and Friday September 23rd/24th commented on the original post is welcome to email me at, with the name you used for your comment and where geographically you posted the comment from (we will check this with Geo-ip, cause we are just that awesome!). Then as if by magic, you will receive back a code good for adding an extra 10GB to your free or paid SpiderOak account!

For those interested the correct animals, in order of appearance according to the artist should be as follows: 
[Linux]: (Top) Heron; (Left to Right) Ibex, Gibbon, Gecko/Chameleon, Badger, Koala, Warthog, Lynx, Fawn (Deer), Jackalope, Eft (Newt); (Bottom) Hedgehog, Drake (Duck). 
[Mac]: (Left to Right) Cheetah, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Tiger, Jaguar; (Bottom) Puma, Panther.

Of course we encourage everyone to give our service a shot by downloading the SpiderOak client and signing-up for our free service.

Once again, thank you all for your support and I look forward to ‘seeing’ you all again shortly for something completely different!

  1. @conor correct, I changed the wording to be both more confusing and correct.
    @Bryan; Added the 'answers' to the post as per your suggestion.

  2. aww man, I totally had it right too. I did it from the first instance of the animal starting from the left. So I didn't specify top/bottom but I totally did it right.
    Well, 10 is better than nothing. I'll have to wait until I work again to send the email, but thanks! I'll be fully switching from dropbox to SpiderOak after this. I didn't realize how much more secure you guys are until I stumbled upon your site earlier this week. Now I'll have more than 2GB… for sure!
    Thanks again :)

  3. Hey, that was my answer posted which means I got it all right, and that makes me giddy now as I feel like a student who answered all the items in an exam correctly, haha! Expect an email from me once the week starts!

  4. @Red I do believe you may actually be correct and the 'correctest' answer actually was yours (the first one at least). A++ would contest again!

  5. @Daniel: That's the first A+ grade I got in ages, LOL!

    To be fair, I think taltos and Christian got it right before me until they swapped the Jaguar and the Leopard. carlos got it right too. But really, it was quite hard labeling the animals and getting your labels across correctly as some of the Linux guys overlap each other; merely labeling them "left-to-right" was quite confusing.

  6. i'd say the jaguar/leopard situation is still ambiguous at best, the identifying features are not consistent. ;-) but i think that that falls under artistic license, and it's not like it was a tug-of-war from a biology book. would have been easier with some kind of habitat information (jaguar: Americas, leopard: Africa/Asia)

    left-to-right confusion: right, but most posters made it really obvious what they meant by adding top/bottom/sleeping to the animal names.
    next time: "left-to-right as counted from the position of the leftmost eye of the respective animal" :-P

    great/funny contest in any case, thanks.

  7. @taltos: …and educational too, I must say. I never really bothered looking up hitherto how to differentiate a Leopard from Jaguar and from Cheetah.

  8. anybody else gotten their code yet? I've written an email 2 days ago (didn't notice the special subject before, I think my first email landed in the spam pit), haven't yet heard from Daniel. maybe I'm too impatient. :D

  9. I'm still waiting to… already sent ip info and mail but no answer yet… maybe some problems with the codes?? lets wait. ;)

  10. The codes are going out today, I am sorry for the delay but we have been slightly overworked getting our Android app done and ready for the limelight. Lookout for our Android client to drop within 48 hours, as well as your upgrade codes :-)

    Thank you for your patience, if you have emailed me you are NOT forgotten :-) (and, if for some reason you don't receive the code today just email me again and I will bow my head in shame extra low and take care of any problem you may have)

  11. I emailed you on Sep. 25 and still got nothing. Not that I'm complaining – after all it's a gift, but if it's not ready – please don't tempt us and say it is.

  12. Does anyone know who to get actual customer support from Solid Oak? I have been emailing but my specific questions are ignored and I just receive generic replies and what they say to do DOESN'T WORK. This has been going on for weeks. There is also no answer at their phone number.

  13. I don't get any replies from costumer support either! (Not regarding this contest, just regular technical questions) A few weeks ago all was fine, I got helpful detailed responses, and now – nothing! I've been waiting for an answer to my latest support question for a week now! Obviously there is something wrong there, and I don't like the idea that there's something wrong with the company that I entrust my valued data with, especially now, when I'm a paying customer (Bought 100 Gig account about a month ago). I'm really waiting for a post on this blog that will explain all that… Because I still think SpiderOak is great.

  14. hello again! just now I realized the reason for the delay in sending the codes: we are close to Christmas! so the codes will only be sent around December 24th! :) Well, let's hope as children do…Please do not forget us!
    by the way congratulations for the release of the Android client! always improving SpiderOak – for me, the best right now. keep the excellent work!

  15. Hey, why didn't you post the competition on the Ubuntu forum (in the café section)? You'd have got tons of replies!