September 7, 2010

SpiderOak: From where does it come?

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In an ancient time there existed a tree which the locals referred to as the Spider Oak due to the web-like tentacles that hung from its branches. The tree was known to catch and hold the dreams and hopes of people for safe keeping. Situated on the top of a hillside, the more and more the tree collected these visions the bigger and bigger it grew. It was later thought that there was a special type of spider that lived only in this type of oak tree that spun an intricate web between the leaves which created the illusion of the ‘web-like’ tentacles which are so strong they were known to withstand the weight of a falling full grown human should he or she slip while climbing amongst the branches. It is believed that this type of tree still stands today although no one has been able to pinpoint the exact location. The spider who spins these webs has similarly not been found despite spotting similar web patterns in other types of environments.

Whether folklore or myth or mystery or a bit of all three, we like the idea of holding hopes and dreams and keeping them safe for eternity.

  1. I did want to know where the name comes from…
    But… the thing with spiders and "holding hopes and dreams and keeping them safe for eternity" sounds kinda creepy.
    Anyway, what folklore does it come from? Sounds native American to me.

  2. I read this and bought my subscription immediately. Now my hopes and dreams are associated with yours.