July 7, 2010

New iPhone Client Entering Beta

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2010-07-12 UPDATE: Beta delayed due to additional work required. See below.

Hello, your friendly local iPhone developer here. I’m happy to say that the first major revision of our client for the iPhone is now about to enter beta testing. There’s a bunch of new features to help make your SpiderOak storage more accessible to you wherever you go.

  • You can now save files from ShareRooms or your storage locally to your phone as Favorites to have them available to you at times when you may not have network connectivity, such as on an airplane.
  • The app will now remember the last few files you visit in your ShareRooms and storage, so commonly-visited files can be easily re-visited.
  • Our graphics are now available for high-res platforms, so those of you with the spiffy iPhone 4 will see spiffy high-res graphics now.
  • The app is now built with LLVM/Clang, which if nothing else, provides much better diagnostic output when something breaks during builds, reducing development time
  • This version represents the first stage of a gently-sweeping refactor that will result in components of the code being made available open-source, as well as a bunch of Shiny New Features being brought forward quicker and with less bugs.

If you’d like to help beta test, please send an email to matt@spideroak.com with your SpiderOak username by 11:59PM, Saturday, July 10th, 2010.

UPDATE: iPad compatibility demands I go and fix some iOS 4 specific parts of the code. The beta is going to be delayed by a few days while I work on it. Thanks for your patience.



  1. Hello,

    I was just wondering, I didn't want to upgrade my iPhone 3G to iOS4 (stuck with 3.1.3)… and I've found out that the new version of SpiderOak for iPhone works only with iOS4.

    Are you planning to keep iOS 3 compatibility?


  2. Alex,

    3.1.3 compatibility is being restored for the 1.1 release of the software. Originally, we had decided to go ahead with iOS 4-only, as there are rather nifty features of iOS 4 that was letting me fly through some new planned features, however users holding back on the OS upgrade, as well as iPad compatibility, led me to go back and write work-arounds for older versions of iOS.

    So in short, yes, you will have a iOS3-compatible version.

    — Matt

  3. The latest version (1.1) doesn't work on my iPad. It just crashes on startup. Is this the one that's meant to be iPad compatible or is that the next one?

  4. Updating favorites on the new iPhone app never completes. It just says updating and please wait. I only have 3 documents in favorites, that are less than 5 K total.