April 30, 2010

Welcome to the New Blog

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If you’re here visiting our blog in person (hello to all our RSS readers out there!), you’ll notice we’ve changed things up. Our blog has a whole new look, and behind the scenes we’ve changed how things work to make blogging easier on us. Our new blog allows us to better communicate with you guys — a problem you’ve made us well aware of.

Let me tell you guys a story about our old blog.

Way back when, we decided we needed a blog, and we created something very quick and simple. Each post was a file in a directory, and the blog software just spewed them out to a single page. This is a pretty easy setup when you’re a Linux hacker and are very used to editing text files. Most of us, however, have no desire to log into our webserver and fiddle with files. Doubly so because our website runs out of a source control repository, meaning you first have to commit the post to the repository, then update the checkout on our server, repeating ad nauseam if you didn’t get things quite right the first time. For our non-technical folks, this involved two people — the guy writing the post, and an admin operating the website. This was a chore and a waste of everyone’s time, and over time we became less and less enthusiastic about writing new blog posts.

Our new blog, by contrast, is database driven, and each of us can go directly to a private webpage, write up a post, and publish it on our own. It’s a lot easier for us to post, which I’m hoping will result in better communication with the people that really matter — you guys.

So watch this space, because you’re going to hear a lot more from us now. :)

  1. Why didn't you just use a 3rd party blogging platform? Using files and stuff is really… Well… embarrassing…

    But never the less, I hope that we now are REALLY going to hear much more from you!

  2. Yeah, files was a poor design decision, but it allowed us to get a blog up really quickly. I don't remember why we didn't use a third-party platform — probably because we didn't want to complicate things for ourselves. Kinda backfired, huh? :)