December 4, 2009

SpiderOak releases lightweight filesystem change notification utilities for Windows, OS X, and Linux (GPLv3)

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We’ve decided to open source our “directory watcher” utilities.

These are tiny programs that ship as part of SpiderOak. They are written in C and use native OS specific APIs for obtaining file system change information and reporting it back to the main SpiderOak program in a standardized way.

They might be useful to anyone else who needs file system change notification on multiple platforms.

You can clone the git repos here:

  1. Martin — I think that's because all of is https — there is no plaintext. So your CURL setup needs to know how to handle SSL certificates.

    For example, on Mac OS X with Macports I had to do this:

    sudo port install curl +ssl

  2. Very nice of you! And a good component to share, too. Personally though, I don't see a point in open sourcing SO in general.

  3. This is one big reason why I use SpiderOak over some of the alternatives, like DropBox. I respect the fact that you employ open source tools in building your service, and respect even more that you contribute back. Thank you!