May 8, 2009

Thankful Indeed

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When starting an Internet business, there can be no knowledge of the type of users you will ultimately attract. Will they be from one part of the world or another? Will they be young or old? Will they have brown hair or blue? Will they wear suits or flip-flops? We certainly wondered plenty about this and continue to do so as we grow; however, there has been one constant across the full spectrum – our users are great.

Similar to any business, we have had our problems – little bugs creeping into the code in one form or another. And at times we have had to ask our users to be patient and work with us to resolve a given issue. In every instance (and I should know given that I do the majority of the customer service emails), understanding and a willingness to be part of the solution has prevailed. In
one particular case, we even had a user disassemble our code, find a fix, and post it in the forum.

Therefore, regardless of where you are from, the color of your hair, or the type of shoes you wear, I would like to take a moment to say thank you – to all of our users – for exhibiting patience, understanding, and restoring faith…

I would also like to briefly mention that we were the proud recipient of an Editor’s Choice Award given to us by Computer Shopper. After all, it is nice – every once in a while – to be recognized by others.

  1. Unfortunately I didn't find that article that good. In the "headline" info they have:

    "Editors' Take
    SpiderOak 3.0 will sync files among eight computers, regardless of operating system, and allows for ultimate privacy and security."

    I thought SpiderOak wasn't limited in this way, you can sync as many devices as you want? Also it says SpiderOak appears as an external drive on the desktop, which it doesn't (although some people are asking for it)? I don't think this is the best article for selling SpiderOak, if I'm honest. It's inaccurate on a couple of (IMO) quite major points. Still, I guess all publicity is good publicity? :-)

  2. @Martin — Yes. There's also things we can do locally to increase speeds, so we can expect these to steadily increase.

  3. Gavin: Yes – we did notice those things as well and they said they will correct them shortly. Thank you – as always – for letting us know… : )

  4. As the saying says: "what goes around, comes around".

    I have always been dealt with by you all with extreme courtesy and kindness. And am therefore happy to reciprocate.

    It's funny but it's that simple really.