February 5, 2009

Schedule Maintenance/Upgrade – Friday 2 pm – 6 pm CST

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I wanted to send out a quick follow-up notification to our users – alerting
you all that we will be performing a schedule maintenance/upgrade for 4 hours
on Friday the 6th from 2 pm to 6 pm CST. It is important to note that this
outage will not effect all of our users; however, those that are effected will
lose connection to the SpiderOak servers. This downtime will not have any
consequence on the security or integrity of your data; rather, the upload
process will stop and then resume as soon as the connection is

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding and we do
apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you find the timing to be a
problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at

Very best wishes,
The SpiderOak Team

  1. There may be a problem with DNS… http://www.spideroak.com is not resolving. however, spideroak.com is resolving and the site is opening. I have some machines that have not updated where the SpiderOak app is hanging and not loading. Could it be they are unable to access the systems?

  2. There was recently a problem with one of the search engines linking to us as "https://www.spideroak.com", which creates an interesting set of trouble. Obviously we serve from https://spideroak.com/ without the WWW, and redirect all no-SSL traffic to the https links.

    "www.spideroak.com" is not only a different hostname, but it's a different SSL certificate scope. So, the same IP that answers "spideroak.com" SSL traffic cannot answer "www.spideroak.com" SSL traffic, as there must be different certificates involved in the SSL startup negotiation for each.

    So, to handle the traffic coming in with the wrong SSL link without causing browser SSL errors, we moved "www" to a separate IP address. Unfortunately the TTL on that record was a full day, and some DNS servers cache longer.

    However, the SpiderOak clients don't work with http://www.spideroak.com at all, so this should not relate to them. Can you email support at spideroak regarding the machines that aren't connecting? We'll get that resolved for you.