November 5, 2008

To right a wrong…

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There is so much to say in the early hours of this day – November 5th, 2008.
And so much has already been said about what it means to elect this new
President of the United States of America. Regardless of political affiliation,
what tendency your policies lean, or racial makeup, no American can minimize
this significance. What an amazing country – to pass peacefully from one leader
to the next – a tradition dating back to the beginning of our existence as a
collective group of people seeking change.

The founders of these United States were brilliant men. They knew – beyond
their years – that they could not speak of the slavery issue at the formation
despite understanding its importance. Correctly they assumed that it would have
been too much – dividing the country beyond reconciliation. Instead,
smartly, quietly, succinctly, they added words in our governing document to
include all men and created them equal. It was to be another 70 years before
the issue of slavery would be dealt with head on and ultimately defeated. It
would then be another 100 years of hard fought battles, struggles, bus rides,
marches, and leaders before the promises made on that day in 1865 were to be
visible nationwide.

And now, just a generation from those days in the 1960’s, five generations from
the 1860’s, many more generations from the 1780’s, the country has achieved
another milestone. Using the foundation laid long ago, proving to the founders
of the country that we could in fact be forward thinking and flexible, proving
to all those who fought and bled in our Civil War that their sacrifice was not
in vein, proving to the millions of brave souls of the Civil Rights Era that
standing up in what you believe in will always bear fruit.

We Americans now have a black President-elect. We Americans never cease to
grow. We Americans never cease to find hope in the future. We Americans proved
to ourselves and the world that we – against all odds – striving for more
than two hundred years – can right a wrong.