October 26, 2008

In the trenches…

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I sit writing this blog at 35,000 feet above the earth as myself and about a
100 other travelers head from San Francisco to Chicago. The time is 4:30 am CDT
(or 2:30 PDT) on Saturday morning October 25th.

It has been an exciting although long week at SpiderOak. In fact, this week
brings the conclusion of a long string of weeks, ending successfully in the
launch of SpiderOak 2.0 – a faster, more responsive, more flexible iteration of
our initial version. In addition to these increased functions, the truly
exciting part about 2.0 is that it serves as a strong foundation for many
important and needed features to come including our Sync tool, Team Sync (or
read/write ShareRooms), development of our multi-user / multi computer
environment for small businesses, and several others…

Over the last couple of weeks we have received many emails asking if we had
stopped developing or growing because our blog had not been regularly updated.
Being somewhat of an outsider to the blogging world, I thought the question a
bit strange. After all, the last few months have seen some of our most
important advancements as a company – a redevelopment of our core architecture
to make SpiderOak faster, more efficient, and increased responsiveness (a known
issue since we launched). But because this development hadn’t happened in
‘public’ or our progress been constantly updated in the formal setting of our
blog, people thought this a sign of weakness.

Well – I write this post to ensure you all – those who inquire about our
resolve or longevity – that we are here and here to stay. And if it is regular
blog posts that you require to confirm this, then you shall have them as we
promise to rise up from the trenches more often and let you all know that we
are alive, well, and committed to bringing you the best and most secure online
backup, storage, access, sharing, and sync product available. And 2.0 brings us
a lot closer..

  1. Thank you for providing news up to date!
    I really like SpiderOak and think, that it is the best web-backup-solution for linux AND windows!
    I am very curious about version 2.0!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the update! Been using version 2 for a few days and it seems like a big improvement – thanks for all the hard work :)

    I know it's hard when you're beavering away but you've got to remember that only you can see this – people on the outside won't know how hard you're working unless you tell them.

  3. — continued —

    I almost didn't subscribe to SpiderOak because I was afraid that the company was either dead or dying – no news is NOT good news. With an application like online backup it's crucial that customers know, trust and feel that the lights are on and that SpiderOak is solidly humming away on the other side of the world, protecting our data.